21 July 2024

Police tactical groups tasked to resolve concerns of northern suburbs

By Gurbir Singh:

Hamilton Police has “tasked tactical workgroups and prevention groups to help resolve concerns” of the residents of the northern suburbs of the city following reports of crime in the area.

This was confirmed today by the Acting Hamilton City Area Commander, Acting Inspector David Raffan to NewsViews while assuring the “Police is for the public to be safe and feel safe.”

This affirmation came in reply to NewsViews request for Police comments after reports of a spurt in crime on social media.

While the Police acknowledged reports of cars being broken into and stolen in recent weeks in Hamilton’s northern suburbs, the Police reassured that “there has not been a particularly significant spike in incidents.”

In a statement issued to NewsViews, the Acting Hamilton City Area Commander says, “We are aware in recent weeks of reports of cars being broken into and stolen, particularly in Hamilton’s northern suburbs.

“While there has not been a particularly significant spike in incidents, we have tasked tactical workgroups and prevention groups to help resolve concerns.”

Reassuring that the purpose of the Police is for the public “to be safe and feel safe”, he has sought the support of the community in helping Police to achieve this.

“Police’s purpose is for the public to be safe and feel safe, and together with our community partners we work hard to achieve this. But we can’t do it alone”, he says.

“While Police patrols offer community reassurance and crime prevention, we still need members of our community to let us know what’s going on.

“Reports of incidents and patterns of crime occurring help Police form a picture of what’s going on in their communities, and this helps determine where we deploy our resources.”    

Emphasising the need to be vigilant, the Acting Inspector David Raffan added, “Police’s key message to the public is for people to report anything concerning or unusual. This will allow Police to respond as appropriate and form a picture of what’s happening in our communities to put measures in place to help prevent future crime from occurring.” 

He stressed again on the philosophy of ‘lock it or lose it’. “We also strongly advise people to ensure their properties and vehicles are secure. Lock all doors and windows, remove valuables or keep them well out of sight, and consider installing an alarm,”

He advices “Keep your eyes open in your neighbourhoods – if something seems suspicious, let Police know.

We urge anyone who is the victim of crime to notify Police as soon as possible.

“As always, if you have immediate concerns for your safety or that of someone else or criminal offending is still committed at the time, call Police on 111.

“If you discover you have been a victim of crime after the fact, call 105,” he says.

These timely assurances of the Police should allay the fears of those who have been feeling unsafe, particularly in northern parts of the city.

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