15 April 2024

Poor community response so far to Council’s proposed rates rise, plans

It seems Hamilton community is more vocal on social media when it comes to voicing their views or providing their feedback concerning various issues facing the city rather than providing through official channel now open.

This can be judged from the fact that as on date, only 212 ‘official’ responses to Council’s 2024-34 Long term Plan consultation have been received. The ‘Have your Say’ on Hamilton City Council website opened a week back on 19 March.

Only 212 responses have been received so far.

More than 6000 people have visited the consultation pages on Council’s website, and almost 4000 users have accessed the rates calculator, which shows what a property’s proposed rates are for the next three years. 

But as figures indicate, the response has been poor and community is missing on providing their views. As a result Hamiltonians risk their views on Council’s proposed rates increases and plans for the next decade going unheard.

Chief Executive Lance Vervoort said commentary on social media showed Hamiltonians had strong views on the proposals.

Vervoort dismisses suggestions that consultation is a box-ticking exercise or that feedback is wholesale disregarded.

“We need to see that passion come through in the volume of people providing the type of feedback we need.

“The Long-Term Plan is our community’s primary opportunity to influence the way that Council runs the city.

“We want to hear from residents about any aspect of Council business – if there is something you want us to keep, stop or start doing then you need to give us that feedback through the website.”

Residents can click here to read through details of the proposal and to voice their opinion.

One comment:

  1. Public mistrust in Council & confusion over new Government’s back-tracking on local funding are to blame for low response. We have simply lost confidence in Council’s capacity to function. Despite media characterisations, there are currently no senior Councillors, those whose word can be relied upon to convey immutable advice, gained from substantial experience, to rely upon. Instead we have representation of selected interests, caused perhaps through STV.

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