21 July 2024

Repeal of Articles 370 & 370A by India – ‘Why Fear?’

Effort by Indian High Commission to clear misgivings

By Gurbir Singh

Kashmir is on its way to regain its true glory of the ‘paradise on earth’, which was facing some threat until recently.

This is fast becoming a reality after the decision of the India government last month(4 August) to repeal Articles 370 & Article 35A of the Indian Constitution relating to Jammu & Kashmir.

The government also announced the reorganisation of  the state which will now have 2 union territories – Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

This significant decision to have a single constitution for the entire country did lead to some misgivings within the country and abroad. This was probably due to non-availability of full facts and/or rumour mongering by vested interests who did not relish this change for the betterment of the region.


In order to make the Indian diaspora and the local community more aware of what benefits this change will bring to the common man of these affected regions, the Indian High Commission to New Zealand has taken steps to share factual information.

As per the detailed brochures brought out by the Jammu & Kashmir government (and shared by the Indian High Commission to the media, incl. NewsViews), the implementation of a single constitution will “herald a new dawn” for the residents there.

As per the information made available, the two scrapped Articles, giving special status were “beneficial to only a select few separatist leaders and their followers.”

In spite of massive funds pumped into the region for seven decades, the state continued to remain backward. Now, “funds marked for the people will actually reach the beneficiaries.”

Similarly, “strong laws” will lead to an end to corruption and transparency will increase.

With a single constitution, private investment and large industries can be set up in the region, “leading to more employment opportunities.”

One of most significant effect will be on tourism as the “full potential of the region will be fully utilised” which will help region and people to prosper.

According to the Government, the end of 70 years of Article 370 will bring a “new age of growth, development and equal opportunity for all.”

Near normalcy has already returned to the valley since the implementation of precautionary measures in the state, and the government therefore, asks ‘why fear’.

Click here to access the state government’s brochures that provide detailed information.


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