13 June 2024

Riff Raff Statue is on the move – temporarily

Located at the south end of Hamilton’s main Victoria Street, the favourite Transylvanian statue of the iconic Riff Raff character is temporarily on the move.

This shifting of the statue is part of a programme of work to rejuvenate the Central City’s south end.

The Riff Raff statue – from the cult status movie, The Rocky Horror, has stood in Embassy Park since 2004 and is a destination for Hamiltonians and tourists alike.

Riff Raff
Riff Raff Statue is being moved to a new home (Photo/supplied)

From mid-October through to early 2024 Embassy Park, the home of Riff Raff, will be closed to allow for the demolition and construction of the new Waikato Regional Theatre to take place safely.

Hamilton City Council will use the time to redesign the park to complement the new theatre entrance, and further showcase the Riff Raff Statue.

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate said Riff Raff is a city treasure.

Riff Raff Statue is being moved to a new home
Waikato Museum foyer is one option for new site

“Riff Raff is a reminder of one of Hamilton’s most talented musical theatre creators,  Richard O’Brien. Through him, Riff Raff has become an iconic character which is wonderful for the city.  Selfies with Riff Raff are a must-do while in Hamilton and through him we’re known around the world.”

The Waikato Museum forecourt is one of a few options that could house Riff Raff throughout the construction period.

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