13 June 2024

Stay Home – Save Lives

Survival of humanity itself is at sake. Take Covid-19 threat seriously.

Thousands are dying all over the world, and number of confirmed cases in our own country are spiraling daily.

As our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern said “,..tens of thousands will surely die” if we do not stop the transmission of coronavirus NOW.

Alert Level 4 directive of lock down is no joke. Thankfully, most NZers adhered to it yesterday- the first day of 4-weeks lock down period. But some of the people still wandering around are not all essential services workers. And, by not maintaining safe distance of 2-metres, they are risking the lives of themselves and others in the community.

Govt has given us the privilege of having walks, enjoying fresh air, but the message is clear: ‘Keep within your bubble”.

It’s important, however, to remember if number of confirmed cases continue to balloon as a result of some of us not isolating ourselves and staying indoors, we may even lose this privilege of walks outside or even going up to supermarkets. Four weeks lock down could become endless.

Unfortunately, the government is succumbing to pressures and allowing more places where people can shop for ethnic food of their choice. This is bound to lead to more demands from others, meaning more people violating the lock out.

These are no ordinary times, and we need to understand and compromise if we have to live to see another day.

Experiencing some difficulty today will ensure our survival tomorrow. As Kiwis we need to demonstrate our resilience and survival skills.

Let’s strengthen the hands of those thousands of essential services front line heroes – medical professionals, doctors, nurses, etc who are risking their own lives to save y(ours).

Only way of doing this is by not getting infected (y)ourself and others in the community.

Let’s unite to break the chain of transmission of this deadly coronavirus. We CAN do it, and hopefully we WILL.

Stay home – save lives

Gurbir Singh

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