15 April 2024

Survey opens for financial support to disabled contesting general election

The Election Commission is seeking views of groups and individuals on establishment of a fund to support disabled people participating in parliamentary elections.

The establishment of  Election Access Fund is a step closer with consultation now open.

Views on Election Access Fund
EC is seeking consultation on Election Access Fund

Disabled people seeking selection or standing as a candidate in a parliamentary general election or by-election will be able to apply for a grant from the $1m Fund to help cover their costs. 

‘Costs could include things like paying for sign language interpreters or accessible transport to events or meetings. They are costs that non-disabled candidates do not face,’ says Chief Electoral Officer, Karl Le Quesne.

‘We are asking interested groups and individuals to take part in a survey on the Fund. We want feedback on the practical aspects of how we will operate the fund, including eligibility for funding and the sorts of expenses it should cover. 

‘Having the input of the disability community throughout the process to design and develop the Fund is critical to ensure that it works well in practice,’ says Karl Le Quesne.

The survey can be filled in online at https://elections.nz/getting-involved/election-access-fund/election-access-fund-consultation-survey

Hard copies of the survey, including in alternate formats, can be downloaded from elections.nz or requested by calling 0800 36 76 56. Consultation closes on Sunday 14 August.

The Electoral Commission is responsible for setting up and running the Election Access Fund under the Election Access Fund Act 2020. It’s expected that the Fund will be in operation and open for applications in September this year.

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