28 February 2024

Temporary financial relief to exploited migrant workers ends 18 March

The Government funded Migrant Exploitation Protection Visa Short-term Support Package providing temporary financial relief to exploited migrant workers is coming to the end of its approved term on 18 March.

The temporary support package was introduced to help eligible Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa (MEPV) holders find accommodation and work in New Zealand and was administered by a third party, NFACT (New Settlers Family and Community Trust).

The Support Package is due to end on 18 March 2024, after which there will be no further financial support available from Immigration New Zealand (INZ) or through the third-party provider (NFACT), according to the announcement made by Immigration NZ yesterday.

This only impacts eligible recipients of the Short-Term Support Package and does not impact visa criteria or entitlements. MEPV holders will still be able to work in New Zealand if their MEPV remains valid.

MEPV holders who are currently receiving the Short-term Support Package have been contacted directly by INZ and given another reminder about the coming end to the Short-Term Support Package. INZ has also reminded MEPV holders about their MEPV conditions and the necessary steps they need to take in order to lawfully remain in New Zealand.

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