21 July 2024

Trans-Tasman travel bubble – voice your opinion

Demand for quarantine-free travel with Australia has resurfaced to provide a lifeline to our tourism sector.

National Party has also gone to the extent of launching a petition calling on the Government to “get a move on” with the trans-Tasman travel bubble.

Do you support a quarantine-free travel with Australia at this stage?

NewsViews has initiated this informal opinion poll to simply gauge the views of people on the issue that is being currently debated.

Remember- you can submit your opinion once only & it is anonymous. Comments are welcome.

(Poll closed on 21 March)– Final results are:

Thanks for taking time to exercise your opinion


  1. Opening of quarantine-free borders with any nation-Australia or other Pacific neighbours, would expose NZ & may result in lockdowns, & resultant big blow to economy. So, definitely ‘No’.

    1. Final results will be automatically visible when poll closes on Sunday. However, current trend is instantly visible after you cast your vote.

  2. How long you can keep borders closed as total eradication of Covid might take years. We need our economy to keep moving. People should take their own responsibility and take precautions.

Comments are welcome

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