September 26, 2020

Waikato Police bring cheer to 5-years-old b’day boy

By: Gurbir Singh

The friendly Waikato Police helped bring cheer to a disappointed kid who was looking forward to celebrating his 5th birthday today with his friends and family.

The alert level 4 restrictions meant that Braxton could not have any of his planned big party to celebrate his special day today. It would have to be only with his sister and mum, sans friends.

But, thanks to some quick thinking of his mum and a positive response from the Police, he was in for a pleasant surprise this morning.

It’s all in their day’s work for this friendly Waikato Police

It was around 11.30am this morning when a Police car with flashing lights and a friendly siren came to a halt in front of this 5-years-old Braxton’s home in one of the northern suburbs of Hamilton.

A shy Braxton and his sister couldn’t believe their eyes when they stepped out of their front entrance door to see two Police officers alighting from their car, with a brown teddy in their hand.

Adhering to the alert level 4 isolation guidelines, the smiling officers kept a safe distance, and kept the teddy bear atop the pillared mail box waiting for the reality to sink in for Braxton.

A shell-shocked, but beaming Braxton was lost for his words.

The duo cops wished “Happy Birthday’ much to the delight of Braxton, his sibling and mum while he fondly held the teddy close to his chest.

A couple of curious neighbours and their children watched a bit fazed, from a slight distance, and NewsViews also happened to be on the spot by chance.

Beaming Braxton, proudly shows his birthday gift from the cops

Braxton’s mum (whom NewsViews has decided not to name), thanked the police officers profusely for adding a bit of cheer to their family, especially young Braxton.

“We had planned a big party today,” she said, and little Braxton was feeling a bit sad for not able to have it.

Therefore, his mum came up with a unique idea, and planned something different.

She sent a message to the Waikato Police on their Facebook page, explaining the predicament, and made a request if the police could make a friendly call to their home.

“I sent them a Facebook message and they gave the contact of who could help, and then I contacted that person directly to organise,” she told NewsViews

And, lo, the Police obliged, much to the gratefulness of his mum.

Braxton may have missed his friends, but surely this Police call on his birthday amidst Covid-19 lockdown, he is not likely to forgot in a hurry.