21 July 2024

Wheelie bin runner raises awareness of new kerbside service

‘Smarter’ kerbside rubbish & recycling service from July 2020

Fancy dress costumes were aplenty in the Lugton’s Round the Bridges yesterday, but among the over 6000 participants, spectators were particularly intrigued to see a wheelie bin bobbing up and down among the sea of runners.

Hatwell in his wheelie bin costume
Jared Hatwell dressed as a wheelie bin (photo courtesy: HCC)

But Jared Hatwell’s commitment to run the track dressed as a wheelie bin was as serious as the costume was whimsical. As the Project Manager for the city’s new kerbside rubbish and recycling service, Hatwell says he decided to don the costume to raise awareness of the new service ahead of its official rollout in July 2020.

“Round the Bridges brings the whole of Hamilton together, so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to do something that would get everyone talking,” he says.

Jared says he’s proud to be involved in a project that will make a difference to all Hamiltonians, and he’s “chuffed” with his performance in the race too.

“Running in a costume was a bit of a challenge, but I’m stoked to have finished the 6km run in 0:38:40. The atmosphere was great, with lots of people cheering me on.”

Launching on 1 July next year, the new service will introduce separate wheelie bins for rubbish and recycling, a smaller food scraps bin and the existing recycling crate for glass only. the new smarter, greener and cleaner kerbside rubbish and recycling service

Hamilton produces an estimated 245,700 tonnes of waste each year, according to a 2017 Hamilton City Council Waste Report.  

The new ‘smarter, greener and cleaner’ kerbside rubbish and recycling service is expected to reduce the city’s waste footprint by a whopping 50% .

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